Top reasons to choose ASP.NET Core for Enterprise app development

Today, we have made significant growth in web application development technologies. There are various options available to cater to a requirement of web application development, but the latest trend shows that enterprises are turning to Asp.Net Core, an open-source technology, due to the various benefits it offers as far as the Enterprise web development is concerned.

1. The MVC Architecture

MVC architecture has made developer’s work easier. They can code, compile, and test any aspect of the application in either model. This improves their efficiency and so it affects directly on the project. The enterprise application can be created by catering every demand of the business perfectly. As the developers do not have to be concerned about IsPostBack & ViewState all the time, as they can build the app in their natural workflow and also with improved efficiency. The testing can be performed taking different concerns into account and so the final application is way better than it used to be.

2. Razor Pages

Razor Pages is the new addition in the ASP.NET Core. The purpose to add this element is to make programming page-focused scenarios more productive. We can also call it a page-based coding model which enables MVC Core developers to create web UI with added efficiency. In short, the application can be managed effectively, which is not the case with ASP.NET MVC framework as the controller classes include dealing with a large number of actions. It is less complex as each app page is self-contained with its own view and codes are promptly organized together.

3. Cross-Platform Support

As we have mentioned earlier, ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform framework. It means that applications made using it can run flawlessly Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Developers also have the freedom to choose the OS as per their convenience.

4. It Supports Popular JavaScript Frameworks

Angular & React (plus Aurelia) are the most popular JavaScript frameworks and new .NET Core framework is availing build-in templates for them. Advanced infrastructure is available in the new ASP.NET for the developers to build a client’s application. The end result is amazing with the JavaScript Services to come in the new .NET Core framework as it eliminates the plumbing work for the developers and they can start with the application without any hassle. This is one of the main reasons that companies are choosing this new technology as they receive perfectly created feature-rich front-end web applications.


These are the main advantages making enterprises to turn towards ASP.NET Core. This cross-platform for creating web applications are innovative and convenient. It has does not only benefits the companies, but it has also made the developers work far easier. The web applications made on ASP.NET Core are highly functional and have proved profitable for the enterprises.